IceMart® ice bucket for bottles with ice separator


Have you ever used an ice bucket to chill wine?

If your answer is yes, surely you have fought with the ice in the bucket on more than one occasion trying to put the bottle back in after serving the wine.

At Koala we have designed an ice bucket that not only solves this problem but also works as an exhibitor, making the bottle stand out as much as possible.

The invention of the year has a name and it’s called IceMart, our new patented bottle display bucket with ice separator. And what’s so special about it?

First of all, it has a unique and elegant design, an ice bucket for 4 wine bottles or 3 champagne bottles that occupies very little space on the bar.

But what makes it the best ice bucket on the market is its ice separator, which divides the ice bucket into two compartments; in the largest part fits up to 4 bottles of champagne while the other part is reserved for ice. In this way, you can put more ice in the bucket without getting in your way.

The holes in the separator, in the shape of drops of water, will allow the water in the ice bucket to cool down, keeping the bottles at the desired temperature. ideal. One of the advantages of this bucket is that as the ice is separated, the area where the bottles are placed will not be covered by them, which will create a wonderful showcase for the consumer to see the labels of the bottles, with a magnifying glass effect and slightly inclined as in a display thanks to the shape of the base of the ice bucket In addition, the ice won’t get in the way every time you want to put a bottle in the ice bucket.

You can also use it as a normal ice bucket, removing the separator holds up to 5 bottles of wine or 4 bottles of champagne.


  • Materials:
    • Ice bucket: SAN, a recyclable plastic with good thermal resistance, gloss and hardness.
    • Separator: recyclable PP.
  • Measurements and weight:
    • L439xH198xW152mm
    • 1,008kg
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