Porrón Pompero


The evolution of the traditional Porrón, a great invention of Spanish origin dating back to the 18th century.

El Porrón by definition is a “Glass bottle used in some Spanish provinces to drink from a jet because of the long spout in its belly” The “grandfather” of this contraption is the Roman rhyton: a horn-shaped container which was used both in rituals and in bacchanals. It was drank from it as a cup or a neck through the thinnest end.

This curious way of drinking was maintained for several centuries, but those who “knock back a few drinks” resigned themselves to keeping the hole covered with a finger between drinks, which made the celebrations uncomfortable. People could have resigned themselves to drinking out of a glass, but the charm of sharing a drink would have been lost.

So, the idea arose to merge a bottle with a horn or rhyton. The result is a rather picturesque container that is much more comfortable when it comes to drinking from it, much more stable when it comes to supporting it and is also transportable. All a «super invention» with a Spanish seal.

The Koala designers wanted to go one step further and have evolved this product. The Porron Pompero allows you to drink directly from the bottle of wine in a hygienic way and recovering the idea of ​​sharing.

It is an elegant, simple, easy-to-use product, it is simply inserted into the neck of standard wine bottles and in addition to using its narrow mouth to drink directly from the bottle, it can also be used to oxygenate the wine while It is served in a glass using its wide mouth.

Do you think you can drink from a porrón? (meaning “drinking from a porrón” to get all the liquid to reach the mouth successfully without touching the porrón with the mouth and without staining the shirt) not only requires technique, it also requires a certain grace.


  • Material: Polycarbonate and silicone
  • Measures: 116x100x33 mm
  • Weight: 0.022kg
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