Vacuum Plug | minimum 250u
Vacuum Plug | minimum 250u
Vacuum Plug | minimum 250u

Vacuum Plug | minimum 250u

This wine bottle stopper guarantees the quality of the wine for much longer, as it eliminates air from inside the bottle, thus protecting the drink.

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How does preserve wine for longer once open the bottle?

Surely you have at some point left a bottle of wine half-poured. Know what should be done with the open bottle of wine?

If you cover it again with the original cork wine can hold 1 to 3 daysHowever, with a vacuum pump lasts twice as long, 3 to 6 days.

La vacuum pump is a wine stopper allowing remove air from the bottle, creating a hermetic vacuum that reduces oxidation And allows extend the life of the wine much more. 

Most vacuum pumps consist of 3 parts, the pump itself and 2 plugs. At Koala we have a version of vacuum pump much more economical and easier to use, since the cap itself serves to pump the air.

How to use:

  • Place the vacuum cap on the bottle.
  • Pump up and down until you feel resistance, this means that the air has already left the bottle.
  • Store the wine bottle upright in the refrigerator.

For open you just have to move the cap from side to side to let the air in, removing the vacuum so that it can be removed and the wine served.

Available finishes:

  • Lacquered black.
  • Hand polished chrome in gold and silver. (Note: they have a higher price than the rest of the finishes)
  • Material: ABS and silicone.
  • Measurements: Ø42 / H61 mm
  • Weight: 0,040 kg
  • Recording: Pad printing.
  • Recording area size: 15×20 mm on the front side 0 Ø34 mm on the top side.
  • Minimum order of 250 units.

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250 Units


Silicone, Plastic

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Pad printing

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