Vacuum pump with 2 stoppers | minimum 250u
Vacuum pump with 2 stoppers | minimum 250u
Vacuum pump with 2 stoppers | minimum 250u
Vacuum pump with 2 stoppers | minimum 250u
Vacuum pump with 2 stoppers | minimum 250u

Vacuum pump with 2 stoppers | minimum 250u

The vacuum pump avoids the oxidation process that is responsible for the deterioration of the wine and keeps it much longer than with the original cork. Includes 2 stoppers. More info


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How to keep wine longer once the bottle is opened?

Whether it’s because you live alone and pour yourself a glass from time to time, save the wine for romantic evenings or simply can’t finish the whole bottle. Surely at some time the bottle of wine has been half served. Do you know what to do with an open bottle of wine?

If you cover it again with the original cork the wine can last from 1 to 3 days, on the other hand, with a vacuum pump it can last the double, from 3 to 6 days.

The vacuum pump is a wine stopper that allows the air to be extracted from the bottle , creating a hermetic vacuum that slows down oxidation and allows prolonging and keeping the wine fresh for much longer.

This vacuum pump is made of resistant stainless steel, more durable than typical plastic ones. The handle has an ergonomic design that ensures easier pumping.

In addition, this Koala vacuum pump includes 2 food grade silicone stoppers, with universal fit for all red and white wine bottles.

In addition, the Koala vacuum pump includes 2 silicone stoppers.

How to use:

  • Place one of the caps on the bottle and fit the vacuum pump on top.
  • Pump up and down until you feel resistance, this means that the air has already left the bottle.
  • Remove the vacuum pump.
  • Store the bottle of wine upright in the fridge.

To open you just have to press the stopper to let the air in, removing the vacuum to be able to remove it and serve the wine.

Important note: Do not use in sparkling wines (champagne, cava, etc) as it will remove the CO2 responsible for the bubbles.

  • Material: Steel, ABS and silicone
  • Measurements and weights:
    • Vacuum pump: 30x80x150 mm 0.087 kg
    • Stoppers: Ø30 / H40 mm 0.014 kg
  • Printing: Pad Printing or Laser
  • Sizes of recording areas: 50×50 mm
  • Minimum order of 250 units.

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